About us

In 2014 the British Heart Foundation hit the headlines with stories which exposed cruel and unnecessary experiments carried out on animals. This spurred us into action, and as a result we set up a grassroots-led organisation which aimed to publicise the BHF's dirty little secret: that they torture animals with money donated by the unsuspecting public.

Since then we have distributed hundreds of thousands of leaflets, had protests in every corner of Britain, had a presence at several of their fundraising events, and produced many, many stickers, leaflets, banners, and posters which have been seen on high streets across the land, just to name a few things. The BHF are constantly being exposed for the greedy, animal killing charlatans they are, and we won't stop until they adopt a 100% animal-free research policy.

We are a passionate, compassionate, honest, principled, and non-violent organisation that respects the sanctity of life for human and non-human animals alike.

More than 80% of the British public would not support charities which fund animal experiments. The British Heart Foundation are very coy about the fact that they spend millions of pounds of donated money funding vivisection. We aim to stop them by exposing the truth behind this unacceptable public betrayal.