Latest newsletter - June 2017

Dear friends,

welcome to this June update from the British Heartless Foundation. We have been very hard at work behind the scenes recently, planning, designing, brainstorming, tweeting, and writing. So without further ado, we are very proud to announce:

29TH JULY - National day of action for goats

We are bringing the day of action back with a bang in order to expose the recent evil experiments involving goats at Oxford University. We have designed a new leaflet and sticker featuring information on the experiments and its protagonist, BHF Research Fellow Svetlana Reilly.


To ensure you get your pack on time, e-mail us before Thursday July 22nd and we will get one in the post. Be sure to include your address if we haven't already got it. If you include information about your protest (time, location and contact info) we will compile a list and post it up on our website and Facebook so that others can join you on the day.

For all the latest news in the run up to the day, be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts where we will post the latest information and updates from around the country.


JUNE 9TH - Wear green, not red on #WearItBeatIt day

The BHF's annual #WearItBeatIt fundraising day is on Friday and our friends at Team Tino Animal Rights have decided to hijack the #WearItBeatIt hashtag. Rather than wearing red for BHF, we want you to wear green instead. Tweet a selfie of yourself wearing green with the hashtag #WearItBeatIt and a message (you can link to the information on our website) explaining why you are doing it. We will retweet the best ones on the day. See the Facebook event for more information.


World Day for Animals in Laboratories march 2017 - report

Activists descended on the city of Birmingham on Saturday April 29th for the annual WDAIL march. It was an energetic and well attended protest, with plenty of speeches and passion against BHF, CRUK, Skanska and all the other companies and organisations complicit in animal killing. If you weren't able to make it then we hope you can come to the next one in Newcastle in 2018.

You can read a full report on our website.


Website updates

We have uploaded new reference material to our website in addition to making a few visual tweaks lately, so check it out! Amongst the new write-ups are our critiques on their corporate culture and lack of transparency, and our take on a far-fetched BHF PR initiative which was in the news recently.

That's all for now, but keep an eye out for future e-mails coming shortly. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news as it happens. Don't forget to order your materials for July 29th!


-- The British Heartless Foundation crew