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Dear the British Heart Foundation,

I am saddened and disturbed by the fact that the British Heart Foundation fund research projects which involve the use of animals, such as the recent experiments at Cambridge University where pregnant ewes were suffocated with a plastic bag and tubes inserted into the legs and blood vessels of their lambs.

Far from being at the forefront of science, vivisection has been left behind as new technologies such as "in vitro" techniques that use human cells and tissues, instead of animals who are fundamentally different to the human beings you set out to help. Even the Home Office, who regulate animal experiments in the UK readily admit that alternative methods can deliver "fast, high-quality" research.

In addition, I feel that a greater proportion of British Heart Foundation spending should be on educating the public on how to prevent heart disease as this would be much more reliable and effective use of money than funding speculative research procedures in vain, trying to find a magic silver bullet to cure the effects of bad diets and the overconsumption of alcohol and tobacco.

I urge you to stop funding research projects involving animals and solely fund research that uses the pioneering non-animal technologies which will really deliver a difference to society.

Yours sincerely,