Goats day of action - July 29th

We are proud to announce our next national day of action on July 29th. This time we are focusing on the vile experiments on goats at Oxford University in a paper published in 2016 that were overseen by Svetlana Reilly - a woman who is no stranger to killing. having performed multiple goat experiments in the past.

Naturally, we have produced a brand new leaflet for the day along with a new sticker design to send to you to distribute to the public outside your local BHF on July 29th.

To get your pack, just get in touch (be sure to include your address if we don't already have it) and we will send an action pack out to you in July. 

A non-exhaustive list of actions is listed on our Facebook page.

Thankyou for your support!

Wear green, not red on #WearItBeatIt day

The BHF's annual #WearItBeatIt fundraising day is coming up on June 9th and our friends at Team Tino Animal Rights have decided to hijack the #WearItBeatIt hashtag. Instead of wearing red for BHF, we want you to wear green instead to expose the BHF's animal killing policy. Tweet a selfie of yourself wearing green with the hashtag #WearItBeatIt and a message (you can link to the information on our website) explaining why you are doing it. We will retweet the best ones on the day. See the Facebook event for more information.

BHF scrape the barrel in cynical fundraising ploy

You can only imagine what conversations go on at the meetings of BHF's fundraising department. But the press release that was duly regurgitated as a report on the BBC News website yesterday (and also picked up by Scotland's Sunday Post) must have been the strangest of them all.

Desperate to recruit people for their nauseating, unimaginative, and downright tedious "Wear It Beat It" day next month, the BHF commissioned a survey of 2,264 adults on the subject of... parents not spending enough time with their children. Unsurprisingly, the survey found that families are spending less and less time together due to "busy schedules" and - surprise, surprise - social media. Nostalgia was invoked when parents were asked if their children spend less time with their family than they did when they were young. And, in a final tug on readers' heart strings - no pun intended - the report cynically asked people if they felt guilty for not spending enough time with their family. Unsurprisingly, a large amount of people said yes.

This is a serious issue, granted, and one that we do not wish to make light of. But to tie the issue of amount of time a family spends together, in with a day whereby people wear red and drink coffee in order to find animal death, is as crass as it is stupid. This is truly the kind of lowest common denominator, attention grabbing, clickbait drivel that a failing university student would be ashamed of.

Besides, what is it that the BHF envisage this stereotypical nuclear family to do, exactly? Well, they might want to play a traditional game. Can we suggest mousetrap? Whack a mole (or should that be ferret)? Hide and seek (find references on the BHF website to the amount of animals they use - you'll be there a while!)? All very appropriate for the British Heart Foundation, we're sure you'll agree.

But there is something you can do to help the animals on June 9th: Team Tino Animal Rights are attempting to hijack the BHF's #WearItBeatIt hashtag by asking people to wear green instead, and upload a picture of themselves (holding a sign against BHF/animal testing would be a bonus). We will of course retweet the best ones from our Twitter account. For more information, see the Facebook event page.

Marchers take to the streets of Birmingham for WDAIL 2017

Yesterday was the annual march highlighting World Day for Laboratory Animals (WDAIL) - widely regarded as the highlight of the animal rights calendar. This year it was the turn of Birmingham and the good folks at Birmingham Animal Action pulled out the stops to make it an action packed and effective day.
We assembled in Park Street Gardens on the edge of the city centre where people visited the various stalls, listened to John Curtin and Animal Aid's Jessamy Korotoga, and - of course - ate lots of vegan food. 

The march set off with shouting and chants and and in just a few minutes was in the heart of the city centre. The first stop was our old adversary - the British Heart Foundation, where we gave a speech about the experiment conducted in 2015, just down the road at the University of Birmingham, where mice had their throats cut open and tubes inserted into their windpipes, and their arteries clamped to induce cell damage. Stem cells from the ground up bones of other mice were injected into their gut via the tubes in their windpipe.

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