BHF told "on your bike" at the London to Brighton

The British Heart Foundation held their annual London-Brighton bike ride today - raking in £2 million - so we thought it would be a shame to miss the chance to go down to the finish line and make ourselves heard. 

After the initial aggression from the BHF marshal had subsided (where do they get these people from?!) they had to accept they had no choice but to let us hang our new banner over the railing for over three hours, whilst we handed out over 1,500 leaflets and chatted to visibly conflicted riders, their friends and family members.


It's a huge pity that the rider's hard work and training is going to fund misery behind the walls of laboratories. We are sure that had they known the truth beforehand that the numbers would be far, far lower than they were, as their overwhelmingly positive responses left us with no doubt that for many participants, this year's bike ride will be their last for BHF.

We are looking forward to being at another fundraising event in the future, and if there is a BHF event near you that you would like to make a presence at then get in touch with us.

With a national day of action coming up in just six days' time, there is going to be no let up in the pressure on the animal abusers at BHF. Until all are free!