London To Brighton targeted for second year on the spin

After our day out in Brighton last year, yesterday we decided to brave the blazing heat once again and take our message to BHF's flagship fundraising event, the London to Brighton bike ride. A cash cow in which last year 14,000 riders raised £3.7million, the opportunity to put a spoke in their wheel was just too good to miss.

We started late morning on a bridge overlooking the A23 (the main road into Brighton where people drive in order to pick up their exhausted relatives and friends) and over the course of an hour or two many thousands of cars drove under our big banner. Not ones to miss a trick, we also hung our new goat banner - fresh from the printers - above the opposite carriageway. 

We then headed to the seafront and the finish line where the riders were wheezing their way over the finish line and hung two banners from the railings (despite one moronic member of security personnel asking to see our "banner permit" - I mean, really?!) and handed out hundreds of fliers to the assembled masses. It was most certainly a worthwhile day and we hope to be back next year and every year until BHF adopt a 100% animal free research policy.

UPDATE: We received this lovely e-mail the day after the event, and thought it was too good not to share. Click for a bigger version.