Top vivisection advocate fails to escape the moral maze

The latest episode of BBC Radio 4's series "The Moral Maze" saw Dr. Bella Williams, head of engagement at pro-vivisection, industry-funded advocates of animal killing Understanding Animal Research in the hotseat. Grilled by a panel of talking heads, she was forced to come face-to-face with her own hypocrisy and speciesism. 

The panel, each of whom had just attempted to justify their own meat consumption, laid into Williams, giving her a series of questions to which she was unable to answer without showing up her double standards and anthropocentrism. It quickly became evident that the "engagement" undertaken by Williams in her vocation does not stretch to her own grey matter.
Vivisectors are inconsistent in their logic, and true to form, Williams was no different. With her back to the wall, she was forced to admit - amongst other things - that and if alien life with superior intelligence were to visit earth, that it would be justified to experiment on humans. Can we suggest that they start with the humans that inhabit the UAR office from 9 to 5? 

You can listen to the relevant section with the player below:

Presenter Michael Burke remarked at the program's conclusion that she was "absolutely splendid in her ability to take on being inconsistent in her own argument". Despite this heroism, no mention of the program can be found on UAR's website or social media outlets. We are sure it is just oversight and that they aren't embarrassed by Williams' performance, though admittedly it is hard to defend the indefensible.