BHF bins targeted on Tyneside

We received an anonymous message with these images enclosed:
In the East End of Newcastle Upon Tyne the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has recently set up an expansion of 5 new donation bins in the city for the Summer. Some people decided enough was enough and subverted a number of the bins with the message 'This company supports Animal Testing' to raise further awareness of what people are supporting by donating to the BHF.

Now the good people of Newcastle know exactly where their donations are going.

Animal experiments deemed no laughing matter at BHF comedy bash

Such a wonderful and positive evening protesting for the British Heartless Foundation.

We met outside Vegetarian Shoes, to stage a protest outside of Komedia Brighton, for the comedy night that was featured there by the BHF.

We held our banner high, offered leaflets and spoke to the public, informing them about the cruelty that they fund!

The unnecessary experimentation on animals, such as beagles, rats, mice, guinea pigs... the list goes on.

People were appalled.

Many did not know what to do after having bought their tickets, but one person and his family returned their tickets, even though they'd come to Brighton from Ireland for one of his friend's birthdays.

Headlining the night was Romesh Ranganathan. Let us hope he will reconsider being a guest at events hosted by so called 'charities' that use public money to fund violent, invalid and sadistic experimentation. Indeed he has strongly indicated on his podcast's Twitter account that he won't be hosting any events for BHF again.

Until all are free,

British Heartless Foundation

June day of action - report and photos

Despite the dodgy British summer, activists once again made their voices heard to support our campaign. Stoked up by the recent uncovering of evil experiments on ferrets and armed with our latest leaflets, they took to the streets.

London saw a mobile demo with demos in Holloway and Camden. A dozen activists invaded the Holloway Road store, holding posters and giving speeches to the shoppers, many of whom were visibly uncomfortable with the knowledge that BHF experiment on innocent animals which are no different to the companion animals they have at home. The red faced staff hurriedly printed off copies of the BHF's pro animal testing propaganda but the customers were more interested in ours. 

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BHF told "on your bike" at the London to Brighton

The British Heart Foundation held their annual London-Brighton bike ride today - raking in £2 million - so we thought it would be a shame to miss the chance to go down to the finish line and make ourselves heard. 

After the initial aggression from the BHF marshal had subsided (where do they get these people from?!) they had to accept they had no choice but to let us hang our new banner over the railing for over three hours, whilst we handed out over 1,500 leaflets and chatted to visibly conflicted riders, their friends and family members.

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