BHF get dumped on Valentine's Day

No love was shown for the British Heart Foundation this Valentine's weekend (February 13th-14th) as passionate activists fought through rain, hail and freezing cold wind to demonstrate outside their local BHF branch up and down the country, from Kilmarnock to Camden.

BHF's dirty secret certainly isn't the romantic type, and it'll take more than chocolates to take away the bad taste left in people's mouth when they learnt about the fate of the animals in BHF's research projects!

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Primary school turns its back on BHF fundraiser

One of our supporters has successfully managed to get her children's primary school to backtrack on their plans to hold a fundraising event for British Heart Foundation's "Wear It Bear It" day. Despite initial hostility, they decided not to go ahead with the day after they were sent the fantastic letter below:

Dear Teachers,

It was very sad for me to hear the school children being used to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. I hope they will be educated on the truth of what they are partly raising money for in good faith if it goes ahead. There are more humane research charities than BHF that do not fund unnecessary torture on animals, that also gain more satisfactory results than from flawed animal studies.

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